Roland Roller


I am a researcher and project manager in the Speech and Language Technology group at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). I focus on topics related to natural language processing and machine learning with a high interest in the biomedical and clinical domain. Currently I am working within the research projects BigMedilytics (Big Data for Medical Analytics), vALID (Artificial-Intelligence-Driven Decision-Making in the Clinic: Ethical, Legal and Societal Challenges), BIFOLD and KEEPHA (Knowledge-enhanced information extraction across languages for pharmacovigilance).

The last years, me and my collegues were developing resources and tools to process German medical text. We created various datasets and trained models for syntactic analysis and to extract relevant medical information from clinical text. Within the MACSS project we developed methods and models to cover the complete NLP pipeline to be able to process text of the nephrology domain. If possible we try to make our work (data and models) available for the community.
Currently I am focussing particularly on methods to support clinicians in their daily routine. In BigMedilytics we develop methods to detect high risk patients in context of kidney transplants. We work with longitudinal data including information such as demographics, vital parameter, lab values, medications (adherence) and clinical notes.

Besides, I have got a high interest in the generation, exploration and usage of knowledge graphs and biomedical ontologies to support NLP tasks, as well as the analysis of social media in context of health related topics.


06/07 2022Short research visit at University Paris-Saclay.
04.04.2022We have got three accepted papers for LREC 2022.
05.11.2021Short talk at Forum Digitale Technologien in Berlin: "Big Data for Medical Analysis - Supporting Patients with Kidney Disease"
20.10.2021BigMedilytics has successfully ended - an EU funded lighthouse project on improving healthcare in Europe through Big Data.
13.10.2021Presentation at the MII Workshop: "Clinical Text Processing in German, or how to reinvent the wheel (over and over again)"
13.09.2021BigMedilytics project meeting in Eindhoven: Podium discussion about the Blueprint and presentation of the Kidney Disease Pilot
Sept. 2021I give a lecture about Artificial Intelligence at FOM this winter semester.
06.05.2021Kick-Off meeting of our KEEPHA project, together with our partners from LISN, NAIST, RIKEN and NII.
16.02.2021Co-organizing the Multilingual Information Extraction Task at CLEF eHealth: SpRadIE - Information Extraction from Spanish radiology reports