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Invited Talks & Presentations

12th of November 2018 - Talk together with Wiebke Düttmann-Rehnolt at European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) 2018 in Vienna: "Optimizing the care of kidney transplant patients using Big Data"

7th of November 2018 - Talk at Future Medicine 2018 in Berlin: "Early detection of complications in patients after kidney transplant"

16th of October 2018 - Talk at Smart Data Forum in Berlin: "Medical Data Analytics for Chronic Kidney Disease"

8th of October 2018 - Talk at Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften in context of Medizindiagnostik und KI: "Informationszugriff und Medizindiagnostik in der Nephrologie"

23th of March 2018 - Podium Discussion at XPOMET in Leipzig

12th of June 2017 - Computer Linguistic Colloquium in Potsdam: "Detecting Biomedical Relations using Distant Supervision"

20th of November 2015 - Talk at the Field Trip of the German Canadian Concourse at Charité Berlin: "Information Extraction for Clinical Text"

28th of January 2015 - Talk in the IXA group in San Sebastian: "Biomedical Relation Extraction using Distant Supervision"

20th of June 2014 - Talk at the University of Sheffield Symposium (USES): "Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction for Biomedical Literature"


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